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Ansys products

Ansys Products 15.0.7

x32 or x64

$ 62.00

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Ansys HFSS

Ansys Ansoft HFSS 15.0.2


$ 55.00

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Ansys Maxwell

Ansys Ansoft Maxwell 16.0.2


$ 50.00

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Ansys DesignLife

Ansys DesignLife 14.5

for 32bit or 64bit systems

$ 40.00

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BladeModeler is a specialized, easy-to-use software tool for the rapid 3-D design of rotating machinery components.


Blademodeler page

CFX is supported in the ANSYS Workbench interface, with all the stages of a full CFD simulation conveniently existing within a single environment.


CFX page

CivilFEM, a Civil/Structural Engineering software, performs the best customization of the world known Finite Element program ANSYS. CivilFEM completes ANSYS capabilities for most of the Structural, Mine and Heavy Civil Engineering analysis needs.


CivilFEM page

ANSYS Composite PrepPost empowers you to efficiently model the most complex composite structures and, at the same time, fully understand the potential failure of product models. Working in a low-risk virtual environment, you subject your product designs to simple physical stresses and compute progressive damage, delamination and cracking.


Composite PrepPost page

Designer and Nexxim engineering simulation platform and integrated technology supports Simulation Driven Product Development(TM) of electronic products.


Designer & Nexxim page

nCode DesignLife - a tool for calculating the fatigue life of fully integrated with ANSYS Workbench, which allows a single information space of integrated modules for the associated interdisciplinary analysis.


nCode DesignLife page

DesignSpace from ANSYS Inc. is a powerful, yet easy-to-use simulation software package that gives product designers and engineers the power to conceptualize, design and validate all their ideas right on their desktops.


Design Space page

HFSS (Three-dimensional modeling of electromagnetic fields) - a powerful software solution that calculates the multi-mode S-parameters and electromagnetic fields in three-dimensional passive structures of arbitrary shape.


HFSS page

ANSYS ICEM CFD provides sophisticated geometry acquisition, mesh generation, post-processing, and mesh optimization tools.



ANSYS Icepak is a fully interactive software tool, used for thermal management by design engineers in the electronics industry.


IcePak page

ANSYS Maxwell is the premier electromagnetic field simulation software for engineers tasked with designing and analyzing 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic and electromechanical devices such as motors, actuators, transformers, sensors and coils. 


Maxwell page

ANSYS Multiphysics integrates the power of direct (matrix) and sequential (load vector) coupling to combine the appropriate "physical fields" required for accurate, reliable simulation results in applications ranging from cooling systems, power generation, to biotechnology and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


Multiphysics page

Q3D Extractor is software for engineers designing advanced electronic packages and interconnects used in electronic devices and for the design of high-power bus bars and power electronic converters used in hybrid-electric vehicles and industrial equipment.


Q3D Extractor page

Simplorer provides an approach for the virtual prototyping of large-scale systems by letting you to develop a design that combines predefined basic and industry-specific components with user-defined models.


Simplorer page

ANSYS SIwave is a specialized design platform for power and signal integrity analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. SIwave includes a hybrid, full-wave finite element solver engine to perform DC (static), AC (frequency domain) and EMI (dynamic) simulations.


SIwave page

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler (ANSYS SCDM) software is a new way to manipulate CAD models. The model becomes completely dynamic, allowing the user to move, stretch, add and remove with mouse movements. All changes to the CAD model occur in real time on the screen, providing instant feedback on a design.


SpaceClaim Direct Modeler page

Turbo Package Analyzer (TPA) software provides the package extraction and automation capability needed to address the electrical requirements of today's complex high-performance SiP, chip-scale, flip-chip, ball-grid array and wirebond.


Turbo Package Analyzer page

ANSYS TurboGrid provides designers of turbomachinery with a mesh creation tool to increase productivity and optimize design.


Turbogrid page

ANSYS Workbench platform is the framework upon which the industry’s broadest and deepest suite of advanced engineering simulation technology is built.


Workbench page


Ansys Products content


ANSYS 15.0 - multi-purpose finite element package for the analysis of a wide range of engineering disciplines. It is versatile, "heavy" finite element package intended to address in a single environment on the same finite element model problems of strength, heat, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, linked multidisciplinary analysis and optimization based on all the above mentioned types of analysis.

Hundreds of new opportunities ANSYS v15.0 consistent with the overall development strategy of the company - to develop a universal and multifunctional software that conforms to the changing demands of customers. The new release was developed to meet the requirements of customers actively using strategy ANSYS, which was called Simulation Driven Product Development.

ANSYS family of products

Highly efficient combined package designed to calculate linear static problems of strength, modal analysis, stationary and non-stationary problems of thermal physics, including conduction, convection and radiation exchange. ANSYS Professional is aimed at mid-level engineers.

Full a strength packet (except for the functions of calculating fluid dynamics, heat, electromagnetism) includes stress analysis functions, the linear calculations of strength of the nonlinearity (distortion, elasticity, plasticity, flowability payment elements on the tension-compression, etc.). Contact problems. Frequency domain dynamic analysis (harmonic, spectral, vibration) . Dynamic analysis of transient; resistance structures; fracture mechanics of linear and nonlinear problems for the products, and reinforced composite materials, including temperature effects. Conjoint analysis, acoustics.

This package stress analysis and heat (except fluid dynamics calculation functions and electromagnetism) is the most versatile module that allows to perform most tasks of linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. Includes all the features listed in the Structural, combined with the functions of calculation of heat (steady and unsteady regimes, thermal conductivity, radiation, convection).

The most complete package, which includes all possible physical disciplines (strength and heat), and electromagnetic analysis (magnetostatics, electrostatics, electrical conductivity, low-frequency harmonic analysis, high- analysis) and fluid dynamics (steady and unsteady, compressible and incompressible, laminar and turbulent flows natural and forced convection, conjugate heat transfer, viscous and multi-component, filtering).

Special module calculating electrostatic and magnetostatic, low and high frequency analysis , time-dependent problems .

The program is highly nonlinear calculations LS-DYNA, an integrated environment in ANSYS, combines in a single programming environment with traditional methods for solving matrix inversion, contact specialized algorithms, many equations of state and the integration method that allows you to numerically simulate the processes of formation materials, analysis of emergency collisions and impacts at finite deformations, with a nonlinear material behavior and contact interaction of a large number of bodies. Using LS-DYNA can be solved the problem of the dynamic behavior of prestressed structures and research problems unloading structures subjected to large deformations.

Integrated system of generation of any type of computational grids has a direct interface with CAD systems (Pro/E, Catia, Unigraphics, I-DEAS, SDRC, ICEM Surf). Export mesh, more than 100 packets in a hydro-gas-flow and structural analysis. Analysis and correction of geometry, pre- and post-processing, adaptive mesh optimization - this is only the main key points to accelerate the generation of high-quality mesh on the basis of any geometry.

Software package that combines a unique analysis capabilities hydro-gas-flow processes, multiphase flows, chemical kinetics, combustion, radiation heat transfer and many others. CFX provides a fundamentally new level of solving computational fluid dynamics through a unique combination of technologies, ranging from a direct interface to most CAD systems, to the ability to conduct dual liquid- structural analysis in conjunction with ANSYS Multiphysics. Wide choice of turbulence models, combined with linear solver technology "Algebraic Coupled Multigrid" allows to achieve high accuracy results when solving different class of problems.

A new generation of software products, which are based modern object-oriented approach to engineering analysis, using the opportunity solvers ANSYS. This environment engineering analysis provides a unique opportunity for integration with CAD systems (including bidirectional associative link). You can combine the design process in the CAD package to obtain reliable data calculations and conduct design optimization.

Separate pre-and post-processor with a full set of features to create, import and export of geometric models, by construction, import and export of finite element meshes, in their formulation and processing of the results (visualization, listing, results of operations, etc.). Is a complete operating environment and has all its functions except actually solving the problem. Possible to use several jobs ANSYS PrepPost in combination with any settlement product.

geometric modeler
Designed to create geometric patterns using graphics primitives, transactions with them and their parametric descriptions. Building a solid model in ANSYS possible using a combination of two options: using boolean operations of primitives or a set of ready-made with a serial hierarchical structure, starting with the anchor points, then - lines, splines, and then - to a solid. The availability of these options provides the flexibility to quickly create complex models. Supports two-way exchange of data by importing models from most CAD- systems, including UG, Pro/E, as well as neutral geometry formats read IGES, SAT, STEP, etc.







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